SierraMay blog post! – How to style bralets for summer!


Hi guys!

Today I’m writing a blog post for Sierra-May on how to style their bralets for summer!

Okay so its spring. Well, it’s almost spring. Okay so it feels just about as cold as it did in January; however I assure you spring is on its way! Then before you know it summer’s here, you haven’t bought any new clothes and your wardrobe is predominantly jumpers.

So, to make sure you are not left in this situation, invest in summer clothes early and you will have nothing to worry about – right?

Right.  So in this post I’m going to share with you 3 quick and easy ideas of how to style Sierra-May’s bralets for summer! Hopefully this will give you some inspiration.

First up its the Bella bralet:


Okay so this bralet comes in ‘Black moon’ and ‘Dove white’, is made from lace, is structured with underwire and…

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As someone who is a natural introvert, the last couple of weeks have been quite a nice and healthy change to my normal routine.  My wife and I (as Katie) went to visit some good friends in Mississippi while also making some new ones, and we also went out to see a local theater group putting on a drag variety show, which was so much fun.

I usually get a chance to dress up as Katie 2-3 times a month, and over the last couple of years I’ve only been out on the town just a hand full of times.  I usually like going out as Katie with a group of close friends, as I like having that comfort and support of a group.  This of course is not always easy to schedule, especially when so many friends around us are nurses, who have all kinds of crazy schedules.

IMG_0726 Road…

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The People Behind Moore and Giles

Well Dressed Student

This is a new series we are doing about the people behind the companies we have come to love. ” The People Behind..” How this is going to work: I created a second page with all the questions and answers from the interview. I am going to tell you all how I feel about the company below from talking to them . First off, Moore and Giles.

Entire Interview can be found here. <— Click

Below is my opinions and a brief history.

I have had the pleasure of getting to work with Moore and Giles and getting to know Daryl Calfee, their Director of Marketing. You guys know those super nice bags and belts we take pictures with? Yea, those are from them! Included a few below, click the picture to see the item on their page. You can read the entire interview or just jump to the bottom.

Photo Jan 26, 10 45 03 PM If any…

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