What I discovered through the 30 day hair and makeup challenge…and it’s not what you would expect!


...results unexpected!  …results unexpected!

Do you wear makeup?  Do you do your hair on a regular basis?  Like, do you look really nice most of the time?  Before February of this year, I mostly NEVER wore makeup.  It’s not that I was against it because the patriarchal society forces it on us women or anything like that.  No.  I think it is just that I’m not really into it, nor have I ever been that into makeup and hair.  I blame my kinky, curly hair for my lack of caring about my hair.  If you’ve ever dealt with unmanageable curls on a daily basis, you know what I’m talking about.  I also blame my love of sleep for not wanting to do my makeup.  You have to get up earlier and go to bed later. Add to the fact that I was in the military (for all intents and purposes) for 9…

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