The History of Ancient Egyptian Make up Part 2


here were several reasons the Egyptians used this eye make up for –:

  • It had disinfectant qualities
  • As a deterrent to flies
  • To protect them from evil eyes.

Green malachite eye make up was made by grinding malachite and mixing it with wax. They believed that there was a deep connection malachite had with Horus, the God of sky and sun, so malachite was used to evoke blessings of Horus.

  • Saffron–:Its an expensive yellow color spice which they used as an eye shadow

  • Jasper–:Its a mineral which they ground and used as a medicinal eye treatment

  • Burnt Almond–:They created beautiful eye color with this

  • For lips and face

  • Ceruse–: It was used to lighten their face

  • Fat–: They used goose or bear fat as wax base to hold the pigments

  • Red ocher–: This clay was used as a rouge

  • Wine–:The dregs from wine was used on lips as now what…

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