Every now and then…

I have too many thoughts

I remember my ideas and that I should be working actively towards them, making them happen, but… I never do. And then I feel like I’m wasting my life, that somebody will think of the same thing and make it happen. One of them actually did.

When I got hired, the company provided a free domain name and I picked a lame one even though I found out that “cecred.eu” was available, I didn’t get it. I said to myself, I’ll buy it later. Checked it out a few months ago and it was already bought. (“ce cred eu” means “what I think” so you can see why it would’ve been a good investment)

About my other ideas, I don’t see anybody going after them because they are more costly than profitable so no worries 😛 for now.

The thing is, I would need some technical skills like… programming, to put…

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