Watercolor Tattoos: Just Say NO


Water color tattoos are rad right?

Sure, until several years go by and it looks a little “bleh.” They look so bright and crazy when you first get them, but over a period of time, that changes. Every tattoo fades, I know that. But there are two main things that hold a tattoo together for longer that watercolor tattoos generally do not have: solid line work and BLACK.

When I was apprenticing I learned a lot about color theory and lighting and shading and all that good stuff you obviously need to know to be a good artist. One thing that has been burned into my brain is that, If you don’t have solid line work, you don’t have a solid tattoo. Although you may not think about it when you’re flipping through an artist’s portfolio, (at least I HOPE you’re looking through your artist’s work before you decide…

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