Trying To Live Non-Toxic: Part 1 – The Time I Went No Poo

Just Me! (and Him) (and Them)

Normally, I am fairly concerned with chemical exposure and the possible ramifications on my and my family’s health. When I am pregnant it becomes like a non-stop panic reel in my head. When I became pregnant with Truman is when it all began. When I became pregnant with Grant, it got worse.

Should we be having the exterminator come as often as we do? Should we have him come at all? I’ve read a ton of studies lately on the negative effects of fluoride, I need to find that recipe for home-made tooth paste. I cannot believe I’m eating McDonald’s breakfast AGAIN, this baby will probably come out of me with golden arches attached to his head. I am slowly poisoning my son by using this laundry soap on his clothes. I cannot believe what is in this body wash…and shampoo! I’m worried about having my hair highlighted, yet I…

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