The Truth About Color Protecting Products

Daily Makeover

color protecting products Image: IMaxTree

If you pay big bucks for your hair color, you obviously want it to last (and last and last) as long as possible. Ask any hairstylist for longevity advice and they all say one thing: color protecting products. Whether in shampoo, conditioner or gloss form, all are touted to prevent fading. But how exactly do these products work? And can we really count on them? We caught up with some experts to unearth the truth.

Many factors contribute to hair color fading—sunlight, the health of each strand, water and excessive washing. It turns out, color protecting formulas help to prevent all of them.

But how? To start with, it has to do with how hair responds to water.

“Hair is most susceptible to loss of color when it is exposed to water,” says Nexxus scientist Diane Minar. “When you wet your hair, it swells and the cuticle…

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