The art of hair

Fashion Fanesse

Long hair, short hair; it makes no difference you can have fun either way!

Lately I’ve gotten into searching for new and fun ways to fix my hair. I get bored of the same curly, straight, ponytail looks; and love finding new ways to mix it up!

I, for one, have long hair which sometimes can be difficult, because it can be so heavy!

The style I chose today, I found through a link on Pinterest, which I will share below. I call this a topsy like braid. (Pictures right bellow) (steps to follow)

  1. Put hair in low ponytail with a little plastic rubber band.
  2. Split hair above rubber band and pull the rest of the ponytail through.
  3. Tighten rubber band.
  4. Continue on down until there is no more hair left to rubber band

It’s that easy! Keeps the hair out of my face and looks great too!

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