The 10% Challenge

The Stillroom Book

One of the people I like and respect immensely in the SCA is my friend Jarl Ullr Amaranthson.  I got to know Ullr when he started dating my dear friend AnneLyse and I later had the honor of bring in their wedding party.

Ullr is well known for his commitment to being as authentic to his chosen persona as possible.  And one of the things he challenges his associates to do is something he calls the 10% challenge.  The theory is pretty simple.  Often, when we consider upgrading our kit, we can get so overwhelmed with the big picture that we lock up and don’t move forward at all.  I have been guilty of this, and one of the things I have found in being a new peer is that I am even more susceptible to it, because Oh, god, person to be looked up to, people watching me, panic!  Ahem…

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