Prom Dresses

The Best of Beauty

I have had a few people ask me recently about what prom dress I had and where I bought it, etc. Truth is, I had three proms (whaaat? you’re thinking, yeah I had three!) , two of which I paid for.. 

I had three very different styled dress, and ranging from £30 to about £170. 

I will be making three separate posts for each of them so look out for them! 

My advice is to find something in your budget, if your budget it small try and borrow or use things you already have such as heels, a clutch, or do your own hair/make-up. 

Find a style of dress that suits your body shape, and that YOU LOVE… 

Don’t worry about what your friends and whoever else is wearing. 

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, decide your transport and who you are going with so no-one is upset. 

Look at…

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