The people that know me know i’m always changing, not for other people, just because, well I like a change! and the thing I change the most is piercings and tattoos. I’ve actually been pretty good this year. 

Looking at me, you wouldn’t think that I had any at all. I’m not like absolutely covered but I have had my fair share. When I was about 2 years old all I ever wanted was my first and second ear piercings done,my mum eventually gave in… I mean who couldn’t give in to this face! (I joke)

 1920182_10202125088583665_2133155691_n Gosh, aren’t I glad my Dad doesn’t dress me still! -.-

So she give in, let me get mine done, but I did have to wait until I was a little older to get my seconds done.

Then, I never really bothered until I was about 14, all I wanted to do was…

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