Mirror, Mirror On The Wall . . .

skela explains it all

What does beauty mean to you? And what do you base it on? Does it mean being thin or curvy? Fair or dark complected? Short or tall? We all have opinions about what defines beauty. Some of that is informed by our own wiring. But I would argue that most of it is imprinted on us by our culture. We all know what happens when we Google “beauty,” right? White girl, white girl, white girl, white girl, white girl. It used to be that the white girl was blonde and blue-eyed, but now she is brunette, at least for me. Hmmm. Maybe the Internet is telling me something.

Have you ever stopped to think what beauty means to you? I mean without considering the propaganda. Probably not. Women are blitzed with ads, commercials, and photo after photo of America’s portrayal of beauty every single day. Count the messages next time. Being aware…

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