Is Your Hair Dryer Killing Your Hair?

Beauty High

Woman drying hair AlainShroder/Getty

Many of us use a blow dryer as part of our regular beauty routine, from a couple times a week to even daily.

But rather than make your mane look rad, all that hot air may actually be ruining your hair. To make sure you’re not doing damage, check out these top tress pro tips on some definite do nots to remember next time you’re faced with wet hair.

Misuse #1: Not detangling before drying.

It’s really important to brush and detangle each section before blow drying to smooth and close the cuticle, says Joseph DiMaggio, Master Session Ambassador for Davines. “Rough drying with a blow dryer poses similar issues as drying tangled hair—it keeps the cuticle open so the hair shafts are dehydrated which leads to a loss of proteins, elasticity and oils,” he explains. “Your hair will look dull and fried.”

Misuse #2: Holding the dryer…

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