‘Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her trying’ ……or possibly not.


Having children brings with it lots of new challenges some of which I rise to readily and some many of which fall way beyond my zone of comfort and creativity.  Amongst the list of parenting jobs I am not much cop at comes the complicated, time-consuming and frankly pointless task of doing my children’s hair.

Now it is probably worth mentioning at this stage that I favour a no-fuss, minimal effort approach to make-up and hair and my current hairstyle is super short and designed to require absolutely no time or attention:


This is partly because I am lazy (and favour an extra 10 minutes in bed over 10 minutes doing my hair), but mostly because I am physically incapable of imitating, even in part, the hairstyles created so effortlessly by the professionals.  Too many times I have left the hairdressers overjoyed with my new style, only to wake the…

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