Haircare – thinking about the products we use

Coffee Time

There’s one place where it’s easy to help the budget, and that’s in the products we use to keep ourselves and our houses clean.  I’m starting this conversation with hair products.

When I think back on how much money I’ve spent in my life on hair shampoos, conditioners and other products in an effort to deal with the fine and unruly mane I have it makes me cringe.  I tried everything that called to me from magazines and television with promises of manageable hair.  I can’t believe I was so taken in by advertising.

My daughter is a hairdresser/make up artist and says I have probably the worst hair in the world, so I’m a good subject to try products on.  Even she couldn’t get the better of my mop without a lot of work.  I guess anyone who wants to spend hours in a hair salon every day (as…

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