Green Tea: Double Duty Health and Beauty

Fertile. Fit. Fabulous.


Fat burner? Rich in antioxidants? Zero calories??? Yes, Yes, and Yes. Green tea, the catechin rich tea of choice for many, has a lot going for itself. Not only is it amazing for our health it can also be used to enhance our appearance, naturally.

I would literally be here all day if I talked in detail about all of the health benefits of green tea. So instead, I listed just a few to whet your appetite. Check out Medline Plus’s Green Tea supplement page for more information.

1. Weight Loss and Management

If you are looking for a way to shed some pounds or avoid the slow upward creep our weight tends to take as we age, look no further than the tea section at your local grocery store.

Green tea may boost energy expenditure (just a fancy way to refer to what we often call our metabolism), reduce appetite…

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