Clothes swap ’til you drop


In another era (hey, baby boomers), a certain knowledge of clothing care and laundry skills were assumed. People patched their jeans, sewed buttons on their shirts, maybe even took in a seam from time to time. But what was once common knowledge is something that may as well be a foreign culture to most millennials. Instead of reaching for a needle and thread, we hit the mall and the old clothes hit the bottom of the waste basket.

So, why does this matter?

Recent research by Pamela Norum at the University of Missouri found that millennials are much less likely to know common clothing repair  and laundry skills than baby boomers. In 2012, nearly 14.3 million tons of textile waste found its way into landfills across the country. Norum estimates that a large portion of the clothes were discarded despite having easily reparable imperfections. (See the news release here)


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