Baking and beauty 


Bbbaking here! I bet you didn’t know some of the ingredients you use to bake you can also put on your face? A lot of edible ingredients can be used to give natural beauty a little nudge.

Well there are some weird and wonderful foods that are actually very good for your appearance. We all know about the beauty effects of baking soda, lemons and avocados but there are some more weird and wonderful ways to achieve long lasting beauty naturally.This is a count down of my 5 top tips on how to use baking for beauty!

5. Milk

Milk isn’t just used in tea and coffee. Milk is also a natural softener due to the lactic acid in it which softens rough or dry skin. So because of this a few cups can be added to your bath for freshly softened skin.

4. Sour cream

Much like milk, sour…

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