7 Ways To Master the Rapunzel Braid

Daily Makeover

5 strand braid Photo: Abby Smith

Let’s face it: when it comes to hairstyles that are quick, easy and look like a million dollars, braids are IT. But when you’ve mastered the French braid, fishtail braid and the mermaid braid, where else is there to go?

Ladies, you need a Rapunzel braid in your life. Also known as a five-strand braid, this style is incredibly gorgeous—and, it turns out, incredibly simple to master. Because it’s much easier to see braiding in motion than to read the steps, these 7 essential videos will show you how to become a Rapunzel braid genius in no time!

1. The basics.

This video from Bobby Glam (which starts at 1:00) is clear and concise. A brilliant place to start to learn how to plait with five strands of hair instead of three. Plus, could she have the prettiest hair of all time?

2. The half-up…

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