Simple homemade sugar body scrub

Katie Cupcake

I had run out of body scrub and was going to order one online with my next Superdrug order, when I remembered the unopened bottle of coconut oil languishing at the back of my kitchen cupboard.  I had bought it when I read about how healthy it is to cook with, but never really figured out how to use it and just didn’t get round to it!  A vague memory popped into my head about being able to make homemade body scrubs using coconut oil as a base, so I decided to give it a bash!

Scrub before

I simply emptied almost an entire bottle of coconut oil into an empty hair mask tub, then added sugar.  I initially added about 4 teaspoons and gave it a test on the back of my hand, but it wasn’t “scrubby” enough for my liking, so I added about another 3-4 teaspoons.  I tested the…

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