Quote of the Day: Caitlin Moran


Here’s to a real woman’s woman: Caitlin Moran knows what it is to be a woman, and she says it like it is. In fact, she says it like we’d all like to say it!

Fashion is all too often trivialised and looked down on as not being a part of “serious” everyday life. Taking a long time over your appearance or outfit can be seen as frivolous, wasteful or silly.

Some question why we collect so many clothes, cram them into our wardrobes until they froth and spill from every crevice, and then complain that we have nothing to wear.

Or why, when we’re feeling low, finding that perfect new summer tea-dress on ASOS can pick us up and give us that happy, confident buzz we were looking for.

Or why we can put on a perfectly stunning out fit and think: no. Just no. Not today.

More often than not, it’s…

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