Let it go (not a frozen post I promise); An issue of; clothing

"Learning Leah"

At the beginning of 2015 I was blessed with our second child and It’s not a biggy that I’ve put on a few pounds- if I’m honest, I don’t mind the extra curves; but my pre-pregnancy clothes (from about 5 years ago) were still in my wardrobe. 

But For some reason I just couldn’t part with them and even when I did eventually prize on the skinny jeans I looked in the mirror and felt weird… Yes the button was done up and I wasn’t exactly bursting through the material but the style of the clothing just didn’t “fit” ME anymore.

Words that my Aunty Freda (you will hear me reference her a lot) used to say came to mind “When God prepares you for more and higher: prepare your wardrobe”

That’s when I had an enlightening moment:
Iv outgrown my clothes
Not just size but style
They no longer…

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