Getting Ready To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes!

Beauty & Style

Hi there, Beauties!

Guess what ladies? It’s that time again..

Yup, you guessed it! Every week we dread having to clean our make-up brushes. It is definitely not the most fun part of our beauty routines, but it is a must!

Make-up brush cleaning can be an out of the way chore, especially if you have a super busy schedule. The cleaning process is extremely important for the overall health of our skin. If you do not regularly clean your brushes, bacteria will grow and cause havoc on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. The bacteria can cause breakouts and damage your skin. Who wants dry, cracked and not-so-glowing skin? Absolutely nobody! The brand new condition of your brushes will also be maintained for a longer amount of time if you keep up with the maintenance. They will remain, soft luscious and useable. So, clean those brushes ladies! Your skin…

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