Exhaustion walkway


Wow wow wow and awesome article to mediate upon. Step off of the walkway, can you connect with yourself?

By Lillian Cunningham October 3, 2012

In her latest book, Daring Greatly , University of Houston professor Brené Brown explores how vulnerability—the subject of her research and popular Ted talks—ultimately leads to a more deeply fulfilling professional and personal life. In this edited transcript of our conversation, Brown shares her thoughts and research on how today’s workplace too often hinders that pursuit.

One of the experiences you write about in your book is “the burden of not getting enough done.” I take it this resonates with a lot of people who, despite answering emails at 3 a.m., perpetually feel that they are somehow always behind.

I have really seen that more in the past two years than any other time in my work. And I think it’s a combination of technology…

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