DIY Graphic T-Shirt [Do It Yourself]

Those Sparkling Moments...

Hello Guys! 

Its Sparkle Diva again!!

I went to the mall today and scouted around looking at latest fashion trends in the high end fashion boutique stores.The latest trend that I saw everywhere were graphic T-shirts, crop-tops and dresses which looked super cute and fabulous. The basic graphic one time wear tees that you get on roadsides usually ranges from Rupees 650 on wards which is nearly about 10 Dollars and I find that a little costly just for a basic printed T-shirt that you can’t even wear twice. The better quality T-shirts and dresses from reputed fashion stores start from the range of 80 to 100 Dollars or more which can be really very expensive.


So here I am to help you make your own graphic T-shirt easily at home without spending a lot of money.



  •  Plain T-Shirt (Any Color You Like)
  • T-shirt Transfer Paper…

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