And Loves Me Still…

It Just Dawned On Me


It is so very easy, when life seems off kilter and nothing is going right, to believe that it will always be this way.  Our vision is dulled by our focus on the “if only”, “maybe”, or “why me”, moments.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with the day to day, if we do not make a concerted effort to see with eyes wide open, all the blessings . Sure, there are times of sadness, doubt and confusion…but, there are also times of faith, and hope and love. Even the darkest of times carries with it, its own beauty. Times of quiet and solitude in a noisy world that constantly vies for our attention, is a good thing. Although, I cannot honestly say I always appreciate it, sometimes it takes the darkness in order to truly appreciate the light. I, too, require that reminder.

When we concentrate on the rips…

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