All Girls Are A Princess

Emily Whitt

Before you read this get the bad negative thoughts out of your head like: My ex girl friend doesn’t deserve to be treated like one! Or… Why treat her like a princess that’s what her dads for! Or…That is too much work to do! Or… Thats a false reality! Or…No woman need to be tough not treated like a gentle flower or something fragile!

Some of those may really be true to you (because of past experiences or your own personal opinion) but hear me out on this – the bottom line is girls grow up around princessy things. Barbies, playing dress up, pink, makeup, fairytale, legos (that are turned into some hero rescuing story “save the princess!”) – girls just like that type of stuff. So they use those things they grow up with or the movies they have watched (Cinderella, Tangled, Ever After) dreaming that they too will find their “prince charming” who will treat them…

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