Oil Cleansing Method

The Chic Scrapbook

Whoever has super oily skin like I do might be weary of putting more oil on your skin…I definitely was!! After reading through some literature I was kind of convinced and decided to give it a go…I must admit I was utterly impressed by the result!! My face actually felt super clean and moisturised….no excess oil at all!! Well I’ll be explaining the process very soon just in case you’d like to give it a go 🙂

In simple terms the oil produced by the skin is called sebum, which basically clogs the pores with dead skin cells and debris, resulting in breakouts, acne, etc… However, the fatty acids in most vegetable oils (in my case I used Almond oil) dissolve the sebum that your skin produces, therefore helping clear your skin from all the dirt and debris that would have accumulated along the day….a lot of testimonials actually show…

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