No sweat

Time to Breathe

I have been looking for the perfect deodorant. What is perfect for me? One month ago, my body decided that it was time to stop using antiperspirants and therefore decided to react strongly for me to understand and to create an allergy to any antiperspirants I was using on my underarms.

The result was that I had to find another one. I started using the Lush deodorant called Aromaco that I truly loved (I loved the patchouli smell) but my body said no…My underarms were irritated and I couldn’t put anything on it except some calming balm.

I thought that maybe the baking soda was the reason why I couldn’t use it. Then, I decided to try the deodorant from Schmidt’s and from Soapwalla. They were 100% natural so I thought that this would work. Nope. the essential oils in it made my skin react and I had to wait…

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