We Need to Talk...

It’s a pain in the ass.   I’m not talking about those people who lack a thigh gap, I’m talking about us folk who have trouble sleeping because our boobs try to suffocate us.  As a fellow member of the Fluffy Club, I must say it bothers me how the media portrays overweight men, but mostly women.  In this glorious day and age we are embracing each and every body type, which is great, but it’s come to my attention that we as people tend to go overboard with a lot of things, particularly body image.

Nowadays, you’ll see 300 lb women celebrated for their curvaceous bodies, while we are being told this is ok.  Well, it’s not.  Am I saying that larger women aren’t beautiful?  No, because I’m a larger lady as well.  The thing that irks me is that I know my personal struggles that are amplified due to…

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