Achievable long, thick hair – No extensions!

Ooh La Laur

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 01.13.54

March 2013             March 2015

Growing your hair out is definitely a long and stressful process! But if your willing to wait a year and half it’s completely worth it.

The picture on the left is when my experimental days were over and I decided I wanted to grow out my hair and go back to my natural hair colour. I only noticed how far my hair has come when comparing back pictures! As you can see it was short and super thin.. but I had the long hair I wanted in only 18 months for the following reasons –

1. Bin the hair straighter 


To achieve thickness in your hair.. the straightener needs to go! There is no need to use a straighter a couple of times a week – there are many achievable hairstyle without the use of heat.. Just think of your…

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