Trends vs. Timeless (DF 1)


Alright so this was actually supposed to be posted last Friday, then yesterday, but again being sick really did screw up the schedule I had planned. Pretty much every Friday I plan to have “Discussion Friday” where I’ll choose a topic, whether it’d be how to style article, a topic in the fashion and/or the industry such as what I’m doing today. With that, let’s get on to the details!

Today’s topic I wanted to start out simple and that is the debate of Trends vs. Timeless pieces. A common trouble is whether you should go with an outfit that is full of timeless pieces, or going all out in the latest trends, but honestly the real trouble is finding that balance which is what I really want to get into the depths of today.

A timeless piece is an item that seems to never go out of style, these…

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