Lost and Found: Elegance

The Southerner

After my previous post on Cultivating Style, some friends asked me to write more related to style and class. Today’s post is about fine-tuning elegance and simplicity in clothing.


In a highly visual world, you will be surprised that how we dress is at times a better form of communication than how we speak (although the latter should not be ignored). I believe that elegance is not just how we present ourselves aesthetically. You cannot imagine a lady wearing the perfect silhouette yet behaving like a brute. After all, the most important in style is the woman rather than the dress. But let us focus on the aesthetic first. There is plenty of time to talk about grace and manners.

Dressing elegantly is important because it makes a statement about oneself to others. Of course, we strive to be the best version of ourselves in all facets of life…

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