Here’s what some guys have to say about your “fashion girl” problems.

Life Advice from a Trainwreck

Look, I don’t know if it’s because women are supposedly more ‘complex’ than men (we know that your outfit can impact your mood – it’s like, science) or because men are just, generally, you know, more laid back about things like, “Should my purse match my shoes?” and “Is it okay to wear white after Labor day?”. In their defense, most of them don’t carry purses and only people like Kim and Kanye are going to notice if you follow that stupid Labor day rule anyway. conducted a survey to find out what some guys had to say about some of our most common fashion-ista problems. You can read the full interview here.

Problem #1:  “I have nothing to wear.”
“Well, I’m not bailing you out of jail for indecent exposure, so we’d better get creative about finding an outfit.”

Problem #2: “This outfit makes me look fat.”

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