Seasonal Confused Disorder (it’s a thing, I promise)


I love Spring. I do. You get a religious excuse to eat a butt load of chocolate in April, it’s typically unseasonably warm, and of course, Summer is round the corner. I finish my 3rd year of Uni in May. What could possibly be wrong with Spring?

I’ll tell ya what.

SEASONAL CONFUSED DISORDER. A thing I *totally* haven’t made up, where it’s sufferers battle with the affliction of not knowing what to wear due to a season change. I myself am a self-confessed SCD sufferer, and I find the Winter/Spring transition IMPOSSIBLE to navigate, March being the worst month. In February it was freezing, snow showers, frost. April will be wet, windier but May’s promise of shorty-shorts will see me through, but March? That bitch is temperamental. Spring fashions are already hitting stores, with light knits and a 70’s infusion of suede skirts and knee high platforms (which I…

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