How To Get Bigger Hair Without Spending Any Extra Money


Whether you’re attending a big event that you’ve been eagerly anticipating or you just want some advice on how to achieve bigger natural looking hair for a day-to-day basis, here’s how you can achieve it for your hair type:

  • Don’t use 2-in-1 conditioners and shampoos. If your hair is naturally fine and gets greasy easily this is the worst thing that you can use. If your hair is thick or dry, these will still prevent bounce from your roots because conditioner is a heavy formula that weighs it down. If you want to use conditioner, apply to only the ends and rub between your hands. Don’t leave the conditioner in for longer than 2 minutes.


  • After applying shampoo, tip your hair back and run your hands through it in the direction that the water’s flowing.
  • Towel dry your hair. Dry with your head tipped forward for more volume. To give your…

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