Placenta – it’s not just for babies


It’s 2015.  Man has landed on the moon (allegedly), I have a “smart” TV that connects to the internet.  I can theoretically order things on my phone that will be delivered by a drone.  People have entered a competition to be selected for a one way trip to colonize Mars (seriously people, one way?)  You can pretty much have anything you want.  Anything it seems, except running water.

As a historic winter that I will surely tell my grand kittens, about comes to a close, it decided that having us climb out of the window as the door was snowed in wasn’t enough.  Spending $$$ on a new snowblower didn’t quite do it.  Massive roof damage?  Not good enough.  Winter really decided to stick it to me by freezing my water pipes.  Naturally this sort of thing happens when Mr Sibsie is away IN FLORIDA!  Obviously it happens when…

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