Curly Hair

Cass's Useless Opinions

My dad has curly hair.

He didn’t always though, I’ve seen his “little boy” pictures, lol, and it’s straight as a stick. But now, it’s curly.

And you know something? I’v seen MY little girl pictures too, and I appear to have straight hair. BUT.

NOW, it’s curly.

I don’t know why I never considered, before this week, that I might have curly hair. I guess it’s because it’s never looked like it was curly. It was just a… a… poof. A big, ugly, poof, and I hated it. Still hate it, actually, because I haven’t gotten away from it yet, but by George, I’m going to!

See, curly hair cannot be cared for like straight hair. If you do that, you will damage it, and at some point it will not have the wherewithal to curl at all. But, since it’s intrinsically curly, you’ll still have a healthy dose…

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