Are You Exfoliating Too Much? And Dr. Jart Products I Want


In this month’s issue of Glamour magazine, an interview with the famous Dr. Jart from Dr. Jart’s cosmetics gave me some interesting news and scared me a little bit. Dr. Jart’s cosmetics have a great reputation and great reviews across the blog scene and in real life.

People LOVE his stuff. I have like the Dr. Jart’s products I’ve tried, but I haven’t loved them as much as most people have. However, I’m still very interested in the cosmetic opinions of someone as successful and knowledgable of Dr. Jart.

Dr. Jart told his readers that we often exfoliate too much!! He says that we should only exfoliate ONCE A WEEK, maybe twice. Overall, he told us that we should probably stick to exfoliating once a week.

So, new goal: I have to limit myself to exfoliating once a week and only once a week.

So now that we know how…

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