From Frumpy to Rock Chic


I’m going out tonight and have had a long week at work.  My haircut and manicure happened to be organised for the same day, (today)!  So I have a great excuse for a mini makeover.  So here we go with the pictures,

Okay, so I’m looking slightly hungover here.  I did drink a bit last night I will admit.  I’m thinking that I’m going to need a miracle if I can pull this off!

And look, I broke a nail, just perfect!  I had my nails all long and was thinking of some amazing styles…….

I thought I would give myself a tan, so I got  some dove gradual tan.  I like this stuff because it doesn’t smell strong and will give a natural looking tan.

I use the darker color even though I am very pale.  It tans up faster so you need less.

Be sure to use disposable…

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