Blue on Black

Hiccups and Hounds Design

The timing for this post couldn’t be better: Riding on the tail of the ‘is it black and blue or white and gold’ hoopla, it seems the perfect opportunity to share my own little blue and black ensemble (Or, is it white and gold?). You be the judge.

The Dress had us straining our eyes for hours earlier this week; squinting at the computer monitor trying to analyze the hues that raced around the highly publicized garment. The whole ordeal did raise some great questions: Is it a hoax? Is it the screen resolution? Do our brains interpret colors differently? Is it the context in which we are viewing the image? Is it an adjustment in the white-balance?

Should it go farther into it? Uh, probably not if I want you to continue reading!

For those of you who are still scratching your head in utter confusion over the Dress controversy, here are a few articles that might…

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