Why Fashion Doesn’t Suck!

James Patrick Casey

(not that I’m gonna start brushing my hair of matching my shoes to my shirts any time soon)

Having pussied out of writing a post yesterday, I thought I should change things up a bit on this fine Redux Week by taking an old post and updating it, not by furthering the argument presented, but flipping it entirely, arguing the opposite in some sort of weirdly one-sided time-frakkery, having a discussion that Past James can’t hope to defend himself against. Because he is dead. So without delay, here’s the updated, and inverted, version of my old post Why Fashion Sucks.

I still stand by my old criticisms – that it’s expensive, a passive form of self-expression, and ‘beauty’ is fast becoming an objective trait rather than a subjective judgement – but I feel I didn’t give the valid counter-arguments, that I now appreciate to a greater extent, their due…

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