De-Clutter Your Closet: Organization Tips

The Fashion Foot


If your closet is bursting with clothes, shoes, and accessories but you still have “nothing to wear”, it may be time to clean out your closet. Having an organized closet space clears your mind when you are trying to get ready. You’ll also be able to find the pieces you want faster because everything will have a proper place. Here are some closet organization tips to get you started:


Take out everything: In order to makeover your closet, you need a fresh start. Take out every single piece of clothing and sort them into piles. One pile will be for the clothes you want to keep, another for clothes you want to donate or give away.



Separate clothing into seasons: If your closet is big enough, sort them into your closet by what season you would wear them in. Doing this will make clothes easier to find because…

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