High street wishlist: the beginnings of Spring!

Hi everyone!

Just a short post today as I think I’m going to attempt to do 1 or 2 tomorrow too (my weekly roundup and a new post for a new month!).  As LFW has come to an end, I think this is perfect timing for taking a peek at everyone’s beloved high-street haunts.

In this post I’ve rounded up some of my recent favourite items from the high street.This was an especially hard one to put together as I am currently on a self-imposed spending ban due to our upcoming period of uncertainty with moving…I’ve not been buying many clothes, but I’ve found that I’ve replaced it by spending on more books. I spend a fair amount of money on books anyway, but it seems to have increased as of late. Even the postman commented on how many packages I’ve been getting recently… Ooops.


(maybe ASOS doesn’t count…

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Ready To Wear Marc Jacobs – Fall 2015

Stylish Apparel

Photo Credit: Style.com Photo Credit: Style.com

MARC0489 Photo Credit: Style.com

Marc Jacob’s line is very similar to Alexander Wang’s in the way that they both incorporated black to be their main color. They both added studs and metals to their new clothing as well. Marc Jacobs added more color variation in the shoes and jackets, he didn’t have everything strictly black.

Photo Credit: Style.com Photo Credit: Style.com

Marc Jacobs added a lot of floral designs but not in light colors, he decided to expose different prints in vibrant shades of reds or blues. He also had a lot of mesh accessories such as the socks some of the models wore and to the sleeves of dresses. These looks are very 80’s inspired as you can see by the fanny packs and studded loafers. Another texture that was also repeated were furs, this look incorporated a lot of fur jackets on top of dresses. I liked this line…

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Cinderella Inspired Outfits| Disney Side

Hello, hope you having a great start of your weekend.
I was actually not going to post this until this coming week but I got all excited and just wanted to post it.
Its a total of six outfits inspired from the Disney movie Cinderella. I got inspired by the old version, because as you may know the new version is coming out on March 13. Which has me all excited and can’t wait for it, since little I love Disney and its characters and hope you guys enjoy. If you recreate any or have any more ideas send them to me I’ll be glad to see them.


Outfit #1

1969110_807464295976094_4774129643373968803_n This was inspired by the pink dress the mice and birds make Cinderella in the original film.




Dress: rue21
Heels: Target
Bag: Victoria Secret
Necklace & Earrings: Gift

Outfit #2

11046769_807464419309415_5737969231439394127_n This is inspired by her beautiful blue dress her Godmother…

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Last Minute Makeup Routine


Whether it’s because you’re running late, want to catch a few extra z’s in the morning, or you just don’t have the effort to spend time getting ready, I have a few tips and tricks to looking just as great as you would if you spent an hour getting ready.

Being a student has a huge impact on my time and effort I put into looking presentable. Especially being in the middle of mid-term season I (sadly) choose to spend my extra half an hour studying or trying to catch up on the sleep I missed the night before.

#1 Concealer

Concealer is the most important thing on my list. Putting some under your eyes to look more awake will significantly make a difference. Covering any blemishes and discolouration will help with looking more refreshed and like you did catch that 8-hour sleep the night before.MAC-shade-numbers-NW15-NW20-NW25-NW30

My favourite is MAC’s…

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Blue on Black

Hiccups and Hounds Design

The timing for this post couldn’t be better: Riding on the tail of the ‘is it black and blue or white and gold’ hoopla, it seems the perfect opportunity to share my own little blue and black ensemble (Or, is it white and gold?). You be the judge.

The Dress had us straining our eyes for hours earlier this week; squinting at the computer monitor trying to analyze the hues that raced around the highly publicized garment. The whole ordeal did raise some great questions: Is it a hoax? Is it the screen resolution? Do our brains interpret colors differently? Is it the context in which we are viewing the image? Is it an adjustment in the white-balance?

Should it go farther into it? Uh, probably not if I want you to continue reading!

For those of you who are still scratching your head in utter confusion over the Dress controversy, here are a few articles that might…

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Choose a bridesmaid dress that could satisfy all of your bridesmaids


Choose your bridesmaid dresses is necessary for your wedding, if you could make everyone looks wonderful, your job is done! If your bridesmaids want to pick their dresses by themselves, since you may not be able to please everyone, you do not want to pick dresses that are unflattering on anyone. In fact, many times conservative choices are those that offer a classic look instead of a trendy one. Time has proven this style of bridesmaid’s dresses will work well on all women.

If you buy the bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids as gift, you should keep the price of a bridesmaid’s gown in mind. No matter how much you love the gown, it should be reasonably priced for any bridesmaid, cheap bridesmaid dresses may also be beautiful. A bridesmaid is a person that you want to share in your wedding, and therefore, you should be as considerate and thoughtful as possible to all bridesmaids while…

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